Taylor Lautner Workout Routine and Diet

Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet for The Twilight Saga

The Taylor Lautner workout and diet has made packed on an incredible 30 pounds of muscle and leaned out Taylor to a low 7 percent body fat. Taylor’s story is one of an incredible physical transformation that involved a lot of sacrifice over the past year.


Taylor confesses that his personal trainer, Jordan Yuam, was a key player in his gaining 30 pounds of muscle.

"Jordan Yuam. He's really talented. He helped me a lot with this process. He's always on set, like, shoving food in my mouth. Literally, I'd be talking to somebody and he comes up with a plate. He wakes me up in the morning. He's like, 'Take this protein shake.'"

Taylor Lautner Talks about Diet and Workouts

Taylor spills a few of his secrets when it comes to his famous six pack.

Taylor's workout secrets have leaked out over time and include his mentioning that he goes to the gym for 2 hours each day, five days a week. His meal plans call for 6 meals a day.

On getting to the gym and his diet - “The actual getting into the gym and working out process was easier, but the eating was harder. Because I had to eat,” 
“I had to eat every two hours.”

Taylor says that his trainer was encouraging him to eat as much as possible –

“At one point, my trainer said, “Put anything in your mouth. Go to McDonald’s, get the biggest shake possible, I just need to get calories in you.” Because my body fat at the time was only, like, seven and a half percent.”

Taylor’s eating habits were based on the Michael Phelps diet

At first, Taylor had a rough time adjusting to eating so many calories.
“Yeah! Seriously, I’d wake up and my trainer would say, “You need to have six egg whites, and bacon and toast and…”





With his body fat percentage getting so low, Taylor had to continuously eat to maintain his muscle and energy.

“It became a lot, so that was the hardest part. Especially putting something in my mouth every two hours.”

But, once he became use to his new diet and workout, it has become second nature to him.


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During the Taylor Lautner workout, he had to push himself to the limit and beyond. To gain muscle your body must be able to handle heavy loads. Yaum was quoted as saying, "That's why I had Taylor 'taste' a much heavier weight." Yuam would vary the weights Taylor used, for example, Yuam would switch Taylor to a weight that was about 40 percent heavier and have Taylor lift it to exhaustion – 2 to 3 sets every other week.

Taylor employed muscle confusion to maximize his muscle growth. He varied the reps, sets and the weight. "If you want a balanced body, you have to do that," says Yuam, “The more your muscles are forced to adapt to a new routine, the more they grow.”

Once Taylor was down to his desired weight, he reduced his cardio because, "I was exercising so hard that I began to lose weight.”

Taylor’s abs – Yaum warns about overtraining your abs. “A lot of guys hit their abs every time they hit the gym," says Yuam. "That's why so few of them have six-packs." The same rules that apply to muscle building apply to abs. Your abs need time to recover after a workout. If you train them every day, your abs don’t have time to recover. Yuam has Lautner work his abs only 3 days a week, with a set of exercises that works all parts of the core.

Yuam has Taylor take enough time off from training to allow his body to recover. Recovery is the final cornerstone to Taylor’s workout. Lautner gives his muscle a chance to repair and recover by only working out 5 days a week and takes every 3rd day off. Taylor, "If you constantly pound your muscles, they'll never have time to repair."


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